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Tanker Truck Insurance

Whether it’s coping with acid or pressure resistance, compliance with food regulations, or hazardous liquids, we appreciate how the internal technology of your tanker, such as baffles or multiple internal compartments, can help stabilise the load. So we can source the right insurance protection for your tanker.


Refrigerated Lorry Insurance

Regulating your truck insurance premiums is like keeping your fridge trailer cool – it’s all about control. We can help to minimise your insurance costs, and boost your business profits, by helping to manage risks like encouraging better driver behaviour through training.


Low Loader Truck Cover

Size doesn’t always matter, especially when it comes to insuring your low loader. At 150t or more, we fully appreciate the measures you take to reduce the risk of a low loader incident – whether it’s careful route planning or escort vehicles. Avoid paying for everyone else’s mistakes and speak to the specialists.


Pantechnicon Insurance

Annual mileage has a big effect on insurance premiums. It’s why we take a practical approach to insuring pantechnicons, when they spend a high proportion of their time parked outside houses or businesses waiting to be loaded. Speak to us about your removal vehicle insurance.


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