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If you’ve been in an accident

No one expects to be involved in an accident. But it can happen in the blink of an eye, whether its your fault or someone else’s. Here’s what to do:

Stop at the scene, it’s the law

Call the police and an ambulance if anyone is injured

Call the police if the road is blocked

Take photos of the incident and your vehicle, including:

  • Points of impact
  • Other vehicles & property
  • The driver and passengers of the vehicle (could be invaluable later in the claim)
  • Location, nearby buildings

Save any dashcam footage, store it securely, and send to your insurer as soon as possible

Get details of all other parties including name, address, vehicle details, and insurer details

Note the time and date of the incident, traffic and weather conditions

Record any damage you can see

Look for CCTV cameras that may have recorded the incident

Take contact details of any witnesses

Remember NOT to

It doesn’t matter if it’s a small bump or a major incident, both can get the adrenaline pumping making everything a blur at the scene. Here’s what NOT to do:

Leave the scene, it’s against the law

Admit liability

Sign a statement, unless the police ask you to

Get into an argument or altercation

Put yourself, or any passengers in danger

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    Rahat | Feb 2020
  • ‘I personally dealt with Michael Scott. He has had the patience of a saint as our fleet insurance start date slipped, slipped and then slipped again over many months. However he kept professional and still provided an excellent quote, first time, without playing any games. Great service. Thank you.’

    Dave, The Event Gallery Fine Art Ltd | Feb 2020
  • ‘Very impressed with the service and price. I had a very unusual and difficult insurance need, but nothing was too much trouble. Highly recommend.’

    Jacob | Feb 2020