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Goods in Transit cover

Goods in Transit insurance is there to provide financial protection when loss or physical damage occurs to goods whilst there being carried to and from a destination. Policies can also include cover for the goods whilst they are being temporarily stored in the course of transit.

Four of our most popular covers are:

RHA Conditions

Limit your liability to the RHA conditions of carriage enabling you to be transparent to the consignee about exactly what you are liable for in the event of a loss. Increased limits per tonne are also available.


Full Responsibility

If you are not hauling to any contract conditions Full Responsibility cover may be the best option for you, with limits per load starting as low as £5,000, this is the widest cover available.



For international haulage you may need your GIT policy to protect you against liability that attaches under the CMR convention, or by contract when the convention has legally ended. This can also apply even if you are responsible for the UK leg of the journey only.



If you are carrying goods that are temperature or humidity controlled we can ensure they are correctly covered if the control unit fails.


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    More about Goods in Transit cover

    There are a number of different cover options available depending on your own individual requirements or those of the organisations you are hauling on behalf of. These range from contract conditions with various haulage associations through to full responsibility cover for up to an agreed value of a load.

    Read about the most popular conditions of carriage:

    RHA Conditions

    These are the most common conditions in use. Typically, the standard limit is £1,300 per tonne, but this can be increased by agreement between the two parties depending on the value of goods carried.

    Read RHA Conditions Guide >

    Freight Transport Association

    Less common than RHA conditions, FTA conditions typically also restrict a haulier’s limit of liability to £1,300 per tonne. Like RHA conditions, these can also be increased if required.

    Read FTA Conditions Guide >


    CMR is the International Carriage of Goods by Road Convention, 1956. CMR cover is limited to 8.33 SDR’s per kilogram of goods carried, with a typical load limit of £250,000 or £350,000, & normally used when goods cross participating territory borders.*

    Read CMR Conditions Guide >

    Full Responsibility

    This type of Goods in Transit policy will pay claims on the basis of the value of the insured property, rather than a fixed amount per unit of weight. It provides the most extensive and wide-ranging cover for our clients.

    More about CMR

    *Some non-CMR policies include contingency cover for unwitting CMR as an added extra for consignments accepted under different conditions but CMR still applies without the knowledge or the parties. CMR can also attach by contract, this is where CMR has legally ended but the parties still wish to continue using the limits.

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